Monday, June 30, 2008

Night Sky

Saturn and Mars are approaching each other in the western sky. Use title to link to story.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Late BDAY JJ

I was thinking about you all day friday - sorry for the LATE birthday greetings. You are the BEST. I love you lots and thanks for all of your positive words and energy on this blog and in your actions. i look up to you in more ways than one :)

aunt MO

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Evenings

The nights of summer.

Summer Time

A long, lazy summer day.

All we did was play.... but not croquet... Not today. Hot today.

It rained in the morning then cleared up afternoon. The girls went riding at Rita's.

And, there was crawdad hunting and swimming in the pool in the late afternoon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Out of the Wilderness

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Brandon has emerged from the Sierra wilderness with tales to tell. Click on the title to link to his journal.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Clogging the Web

Trying the video on my phone and my youtube account, I've decided to do my part to clog the web with unnecessary images. enjoy?!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

6/22/80 Happy Anniversary Kids!

Steve and Cathy. 28 years! Congratulations.

Friday, June 20, 2008

BC on the PCT

While Brandon is out of touch at the moment, he managed to send some pix from his last mail drop. Hopefully you can view an additional quick youtube vid by clicking the title above!
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jaden at the show

That is a really BIG dog.... Jaden learned about Paints and Palominos when he visited Ivy and Alaina at the 4-H show. Thanks for coming.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Keep your head down....

...and no telling what you might see :) here is one of several i got to see on my ride across oklahoma.
i'm baaack

Inola Run for St. Jude 8k (5 miles)

Amy won the Over all Female division 39:47
Pete won the Over all Male division 28:00

never done that before!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dressage in May at GracefulE

The girls are very excited to go to the State Horse Show in Shawnee next week. Tomorrow is a local show at the Expo in Claremore starting at 8:00am. These pix are from the last dressage show south of Bixby in late may. It was a beautiful day, windy of course, but the horses were well behaved and the girls has good rides.

Drop by the expo tomorrow if you are in the neighborhood - should be a nice low key show.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Freewheel rendevouz

Anyone interested in going to Bristow on Wednesday to ride bikes to a rendevouz point with Margret here's the plan:
Load bikes in the back of my truck. Drive to Bristow. Back track (on bike) the freewheel course on Hwy. 16 until we meet up with Margret. U-Turn it and ride back to Bristow along with Margret. Load bikes back up and drive home.

I'd like to keep this quiet so we can surprise Margret.

The Freewheel people have no problem with this type of thing. They just don't feed us or take us in if we break down (mechanically or physically).
Take water, gatorade, snacks in a back pack.
I'm planning on a liesure pace not a hard core Tour de Bristow.
This should be fun. The more the merrier!.
Let me know asap if you're interested in joining me so we can syncronize leave time, etc.
Phone 430-4920

Warming Up !

4th of July is only a few weeks away.
The WildOrbanCroquetClub is getting ready.
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here is where i'll be - minus the day 0 and day 7

FreeWheel 200830th Anniversary Ride!

1,000 riders + dozens of small towns + quiet Oklahoma byways + lots of home cookin' It's a recipe for Fun, Adventure, Folks and Fixin's you'll remember for years! Join us June 8-14, 2008, and Do The Diamond with us, one friendly Oklahoma community at a time!
2008 FreeWheel Route
The 2008 FreeWheel route is ready! NOTE that mileages are APPROXIMATE at this point, but should be within 2-4 miles plus or minus of the actual route. Okay, here's the nitty gritty you've been hungry for ...
Daily mileage and ROUTE MAPS!
Day 0, 06/07 - 30 miles - Marietta to Red River (round trip), Day 0 PDF Map
Day 1, 06/08 - 63 miles - Marietta to Sulphur, Day 1 PDF Map
Day 2, 06/09 - 64 miles - Sulphur to Seminole, Day 2 PDF Map
Day 3, 06/10 - 53 miles - Seminole to Henryetta, Day 3 PDF Map
Day 4, 06/11 - 70 miles - Henryetta to Drumright, Day 4 PDF Map
Day 5, 06/12 - 65 miles - Drumright to Perry, Day 5 PDF Map
Day 6, 06/13 - 62 miles - Perry to Tonkawa, Day 6 PDF Map
Day 7, 06/14 - 41 miles - Tonkawa to Caldwell, KS, Day 7 PDF Map

you can see it here:

Thursday, June 5, 2008


We are definitely spoiled. Turned the 24 year old heat pump on for the first time this season about three weeks ago. Of course it did it's job...pumped heat. We decided it was probably time to replace the old machine we'd been babying along for the last few years so called a local contractor. They promised a call but never did. Second contractor; it'll be tomorrow. They never showed. Third time is the charm. Vickrey heat&air came out monday, estimated the job and said they would get to it within a week. They came out today, worked feverishly from 10 to 6 and got the job done. 80 degrees never felt so good.
Growing up with little more than a fan or open window to keep cool I knew we'd survive the temporary inconvenience of no A.C. but the spoiled side of me is happy to be back in the cool.